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It’s important to note that supplements are not regulated in the U.S. so there are many unscrupulous manufacturers out there selling bogus and oftentimes harmful nutritional products.

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Nutritional supplement educational centre was created by health enthusiasts as myself through years of extensive research in regards to nutrition and nutritional supplements, including which ingredients are the best and which ones are actually harmful.

My name is Cindy and I am the chief editor of Nutritional supplement educational I have a bachelor’s degree in health education and, as such, this site was created to teach you all about herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements, along with their many health applications. In addition, because supplements are now lined up like soldiers in the aisles of grocery stores, drug stores, retail stores, health food stores, as well as over the internet makes more and more difficult to choose which ones are the best in quality. In fact, it's nearly impossible to separate the good from the bad, the helpful from the potentially dangerous without doing extensive research on your own. As such, our site was also created to provide you with the necessary information on what to look for when purchasing herbal and nutritional supplements, so you can be sure to buy a high quality product with maximum health benefits.

Keep in mind that all of the information provided to you at our site is based on our opinions through our extensive research and although we consider ourselves to be very knowledgeable, it’s important that you make your own decisions when buying supplements.

Also, always remember to consult with a physician or qualified medical professional before taking any supplement in order to avoid interactions or potential adverse effects.

We thank you (Mahalo) for wanting to know all about us and hope our site provides you with a deeper understanding of nutritional supplements and their many applications.

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