Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Alternative medicine for fibromyalgia generally consist of a wide range of different types of recommendations such as diet, exercise, message therapy, physical therapy, relaxation techniques, chiropractic care, relaxation techniques, deep heat therapy, acupuncture, herbs, nutritional supplements, as well as others.

Of course the main goal of all of these therapies is to help alleviate the symptoms of this mysterious and debilitating syndrome that affects 5 to 6 million "known" people in the United States, with a larger percentage being females than males.

Since the main theme of our site is dietary supplements we will concentrate on nutrients. However, if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia it might be wise to seek out a health practitioner who has specific experience in the management and treatment of this condition.

Before we discuss supplements, which are included under the umbrella of alternative medicine for fibromyalgia, let's briefly define what it is……………

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic muscular achy pain and stiffness. The pain has been described as shooting, stabbing, throbbing, and intense burning.

It most often affects the lower back, the neck, the shoulders, the back of the head, and the upper chest, although it has no boundaries, meaning other areas of the body may be involved.

Fibromyalgia includes a host of different symptoms that ranges from mild in some people to almost incapacitating for others. Some of these symptoms include chronic headaches, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, painful periods, memory impairment, anxiety, palpitations, skin sensitivities, and dizziness among others.

In addition, most people that suffer from fibromyalgia also have an associated sleep disorder known as alpha-EEG anomaly.

The cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown, but common triggers may include lack of sleep, injury, overexertion, stress, infections, depression, and the lack of exercise.

Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Nutritional Supplements

Many people have turned their attention towards supplements in order to conquer the pain and fatigue related to this condition. In addition, there is also the concern of the potential side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Please view the following information as an educational piece and not as an endorsement of one method over another.

We also advise that you consult with a knowledgeable health care provider before taking ANY dietary supplements since some of these nutrients can interact with certain prescription medications as well as over the counter medications. In addition, it is highly recommended that if you have a health condition, or are pregnant or nursing to consult a knowledgeable health care provider before taking any dietary supplements. It's also important to note that mixing and matching supplements on your own could be dangerous to your health.

Having said that, let's take a look at nutrients that may help combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Magnesium is often recommended for fibromyalgia sufferers because it helps to relax muscles. In addition, this mineral helps to prevent muscle spasms. Magnesium/malic acid combinations are also used for this condition.

The B vitamins are essential for increased energy and normal brain function.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural sulfur compound that is used to relieve pain.

SAMe helps in stress-relief, depression, eases pain, and it also produces antioxidant effects that may improve liver health.

Acetyl-l-Carnitine has been found to be helpful for symptom reduction of fibromyalgia.

Short for 5-hydroxytryptophan, 5-HTP appears to improve symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Fish oil supplementation has also been found to provide relief for pain as well as the depression associated with fibromyalgia. However, not all fish oil supplements are created equal so please take a moment to read our pharmaceutical grade fish oil webpage.

Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Are there any herbs that may help Fibromylagia?

The following herbs may be helpful as an aid in relieving symptoms of this condition:

Ginkgo biloba is an antioxidant that improves circulation and brain function.

Ginger harbors anti-inflammatory properties making it useful in the management of many disorders marked by swelling and pain.

Turmeric harbors potent antioxidant properties which makes the herb a fighter of free radical damage. Turmeric has also shown to harbor powerful anti-inflammatory properties that may help alleviate muscle pain and swelling.

Olive Leaf is prized for its ability to boost a weakened immune system. In fact, physicians have reported that chronic fatigue and fibromylagia sufferers are often helped by olive leaf extract. People with these conditions have reported that olive leaf extract boosted their energy, lifted their sprits, and provided them with a stronger sense of well-being within one month of taking olive leaf extract supplements.

Gotu Kola - long used in Indian medicine, research shows that gotu kola has anti-inflammatory effects and improves the flow of blood throughout the body by strengthening the veins and capillaries.

In addition to the aforementioned nutrients, there are many other herbs and nutrients that can help fight off the disturbing symptoms of fibromyalgia.

For example, there are herbs and/or nutrients for depression, stress, energy, as well as sleep promoters. There are also powerful antioxidants that can protect the body from premature aging and diseases. Therefore, please browse our site since many of them are covered here.

Lastly, many experts in the field of alternative medicine for fibromyalgia also recommend fibromyalgia sufferers to take a high potency multivitamin and mineral supplement. Consequently, fibromyalygia can cause multiple nutritional deficiencies because of digestive problems.

Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Tips on selecting a single or comprehensive multi-nutrient supplement

How to reap the full benefits of alternative medicine for fibromyalgia through supplements……

1. Ensure that the products are produced at pharmaceutical GMP registered facilities. Manufacturers that are GMP compliant adheres to stringent manufacture procedures to minimize and eliminate the possibility of harmful contaminates.

2. Select a product created by someone who is highly qualified to formulate a supplement with ingredients that work in balance and synergistically to offer the maximum results. Nutritional biochemistry is very complex and a poorly "thrown together" supplement can do more harm than good.

3. Select herbal supplements that contain only standardized extracts. Many manufactures do not use standardized extracts because it's much cheaper to use low-quality ingredients in a supplement.

4. Select supplements that come with a Certificate of Analysis on file - thus confirming the potency of ingredients. Does the company have other crosschecks to ensure potency?

5. Select a product that does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, yeast, sucrose, dextrose or gluten.

6. Take time to read the label carefully. Nowadays, some of the best nutritional supplements contain a wide range of nutrients such as herbs, enzymes, antioxidants, specialty nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other health enhancing ingredients that can offer the body a host of health benefits.

In addition, when created by top-notch scientists it can also enhance the benefits of other herbs and nutrients in the formula.

Featured Alternative Medicine for Fibromyalgia Product

A Comprehensive Supplement

Looking for alternative medicine for fibromyalgia?

After years of researching supplements, we have found a product that contains not only fibromyalgia fighting herbs such as ginkgo biloba, tumeric, and olive leaf, but also MSM, SAMe, magnesium, vitamins, potent antioxidants, amino acids, specialty nutrients, enzymes, and other herbal extracts and minerals.

In fact, this highly sophisticated all-in-one nutrition-packed multi-nutrient supplement, called Total Balance, contains a full spectrum of over 70 specialized nutrients that the body needs for optimum 'whole' body health and, as such, we have made it our core nutritional supplement.

Total Balance is formulated by a highly credentialed scientific team that can blend these ingredients perfectly to ensure maximum benefits. The company -- Xtend-Life Natural Products also uses only standardized herbal extracts, the purest herbal extracts with the highest quality and therapeutic benefits, and they adhere to strict GMP compliance, which is the toughest in the industry.

Lastly, all the ingredients in Xtend-Life Natural Products are supported with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on file and, in addition, the company does a series of crosschecks before purchasing any raw ingredients that guarantees their potency and safety.

We hope this webpage discussing alternative medicine for fibromyalgia was useful to you.

To Your Health!

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