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How do you choose a quality antioxidant dietary supplement?

Most everyone today realizes that supplementing one's diet with an antioxidant dietary supplement is crucial. With all the toxins in our environment experts say that are cells actually contain 400 new toxins that didn't exist 45 years ago!

In fact, researchers have concluded that over 70% of all diseases, including aging are caused by oxidants or better known as free radicals.

Oxidation on a car is called rust. Oxidative stress in the body is rusting in the cell, which injures or destroys it. This is why choosing a quality dietary antioxidant supplement is so vital to one's health.

We realize that the internet has thousands of antioxidant dietary supplement websites all claiming to have the "best antioxidant supplement" for you and your family. The choices are endless not to mention overwhelming.

While it is only natural for every committed retailer to feel strongly about their products and consider them to be among the best, it also leads to confusion and frustration to the consumer when trying to decide about quality.

We here at Nutritional-Supplement-Educational-Centre understand your confusion and frustration so we want to provide you with the education that is necessary when trying to decide which one is the "best" for you and your family without all the marketing hype.

Tips on Choosing a Quality Antioxidant Dietary Supplement

When choosing an antioxidant dietary supplement one should carefully look at the following:

  • Antioxidant sources
  • Synergy and balance
  • Optimal delivery system
  • Company behind the product

    Listed below are tips on what to look for in a quality antioxidant dietary supplement:

    Antioxidant Sources: Does the supplement contain potent antioxidant-rich natural sources?

    Generally, when people think of antioxidant sources there are two that always come to mind and they are vitamins C and E.

    However, there are others that literally top the charts - hundreds of times more powerful than vitamins and they are usually found in high quality antioxidant dietary supplements.

    Here are just a few examples of powerful antioxidant sources:

    **Green Tea - Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Source**

    Green tea extract is one of the most powerful immune system boosters.

    Studies have demonstrated that its antioxidant properties are much more powerful than the well renowned antioxidants vitamins C and E in antioxidant protection. In fact, green tea is said to be 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and over twenty times more than Vitamin E.

    Green tea leaves contain a particular group of potent antioxidants, called polyphenols that has given this nutrient its claim to fame.

    Moreover, several population studies have shown that there is a link between green tea consumption and significantly lower rates of cancer. As such, green tea holds promise as a potent cancer fighter.

    In addition, green tea may also be a protector of heart disease.

    **Alpha Lipoic Acid - Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Source**

    Alpha lipoic acid is unique because it is both a fat and water soluble antioxidant, and, as such, it can move into all parts of our cells to combat (deactivate) free radicals.

    Keep in mind that Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant and combats free radicals in the watery parts on the body, and vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant and sticks to the fatty parts of the cells.

    Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant on its own and as a "recycler" of vitamin E and C, which means it restores the antioxidant properties of these two powerhouse antioxidants after they have neutralized free radicals. Therefore, it increases their effectiveness.

    In addition, alpha lipoic acid boosts the body’s production of glutathione, aids in the absorption of coenzyme Q10, and plays a major role in metabolism by converting sugars (glucose) into energy, which in turn helps to lower blood sugar levels. By the way, glutathione and coenzyme Q10 are two other very important antioxidants.

    Lastly, alpha lipoic acid also has the ability to chelate (pull out) harmful heavy metals (such as lead, cadmium, and mercury) and, as such, it helps to detoxify the liver of metal pollutants.

    **Gingko Biloba - Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Source**

    Ginkgo biloba is a potent antioxidant herb best known for its powerful effects in enhancing circulation.

    It does this by promoting a widening (dilation) of blood vessels which improves blood flow even in the very tiny vessels throughout the body. In addition, it has powerful antioxidant effects in the brain, retina, and cardiovascular system.

    Gingko is one of the world’s most used herbs for treating memory loss and degenerative disease conditions of the brain and central nervous system. Some of these conditions include: Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment dementia, intermittent claudication, tinnitus (chronic ringing in the ears), cerebral insufficiency, impotence, and others.

    **Resveratrol - Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Source**

    Exploring the potential health benefits of Resveratrol began to peak the interest of scientist when its presence was reported in red wine.

    As such, this led to the speculation that this compound might help explain the "French Paradox" - a well known phenomenon that the French who eat relatively high levels of saturated fat and who smoke cigarettes have a low incidence of heart disease. The connection here is that the French frequent the consumption of red wine.

    Resveratrol, which is now being touted as one of the most promising anti aging natural supplement - is a member of the polphenol-flavonoid family and a potent antioxidant.

    It is found in red grape skins, red grape juice, red wine, and mulberries.

    Studies have shown that resveratrol may have some amazing health benefits. Among them is reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes by inhibiting the formation of clots and LDL (bad cholesterol).

    In addition, animal studies suggest that this powerful substance can prevent the initiation of cancer and inhibit the promotion and progression of cancer.

    **Turmeric - Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Source**

    Turmeric is an herb that has a long medicinal history in India’s Ayurvedic medicine. It is a member of the ginger family that harbors a potent compound called curcumin, which has been ascribed as having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, carminative, and cholesterol-lowering effects.

    It is often used to help alleviate acute pain associated with arthritis. In addition, it may be useful in other conditions such as: tendonitis, endometriosis, and other types of pain.

    Curcumin is also believed to harbor properties that can promote good liver function and aid in digestion.

    But wait there’s more to this herb. In many laboratory studies this antioxidant has shown to have anti-cancer activity and, as such, it appears to have cancer-protective effects.

    Synergy and Balance: The interesting fact about antioxidants is that they work synergistically in protecting the body from free radical damage.

    This means that it’s more advantageous to your health if you take smaller doses of several different types of antioxidants than a large dose of one. But, ratios of ingredients are equally as important so make sure you select an antioxidant dietary supplement created by a top-notch scientist.

    Optimal Delivery System: Select a product from a company that is committed to ensuring that the nutrients will reach your cells and organs to provide you with the maximum health benefits. It's important to note that some active ingredients can be destroyed by stomach acids.

    For example, L-Glutathione which is another potent antioxidant needs to be released in the upper intestine, and not in the stomach. If L-Glutathione is released in the stomach the acids render this powerful nutrient ineffective.

    Therefore, if possible, select a comprehensive antioxidant dietary supplement from a company that uses enteric coating. Enteric coating protects the ingredients as they pass through the stomach acid juices and into the small intestine, where the coating dissolves and the ingredients are absorbed to nourish your cells and organs.

    Tips on choosing an Antioxidant Dietary Supplement Manufacturer

    Nowadays, there are highly sophisticated companies that have made available good combination formulas which make it easy to reap the maximum benefits of antioxidant dietary supplements.

    In fact, some nutraceutical companies are so sophisticated that they have included some of the most powerful antioxidant nutrients in their multivitamin and mineral supplement.

    Having said that, here are the following recommended tips to help you get through the overwhelming amount of information out there.

    1. Select your antioxidant supplement from only pharmaceutical GMP compliant manufacturers. These facilities adhere to the strictest regulatory standards for the manufacture of dietary supplements.

    Here's why….

    Dietary supplements are not strictly regulated by the FDA, and, as such, manufacturers do not have to guarantee the safety, effectiveness, or even the true content of their products.

    And, although supplements should be labeled properly, many aren't, so what's stated on the label may not be in the bottle. The potency or purity may be inconsistent or misrepresented, or worse-- it could harbor very harmful contaminates!

    2. If the antioxidant dietary supplement contains herbs, ensure that they are standardized herbal extracts. Many products do not have standardized herbal extracts since it's far cheaper for the manufacturer to use low-quality ingredients.

    3. Do they have a quality control department?

    4. Select your antioxidant dietary supplement created by someone who is qualified to create a supplement with ingredients that work in balance and synergistically to offer the maximum results. In other words, select a supplement created by a top-notch scientist.

    5. Are there clinical studies on the ingredients used in their product?

    6. Do they have a certificate of analysis on file confirming the potency of each batch? Avoid companies that do not provide you with this information.

    7. Take time to read the label carefully, and do not hesitate to ask the manufacturer for additional information and any tests they may have conducted.

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    We hope this webpage discussing anti aging natural supplements was useful to you.

    To Your Health!

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