Black Cohosh Side Effects

Black Cohosh

The Side Effects of Black Cohosh

It's important to note that black cohosh side effects are much better known as it has become one of the most popular female herbal supplements used for hormonal replacement therapy and menstrual problems.

Black cohosh is considered to be safe herb, but as with all dietary supplements one should always be aware of what possible side effects or adverse interactions you may encounter before starting any supplement in your daily regimen.

However, first, you need to be aware that all dietary supplements are not strictly regulated by the FDA and, as such, manufacturers do not have to guarantee the safety, effectiveness, or even the true content of their products.

As such, the potency or purity may be inconsistent or misrepresented, and in some cases - even worse - it may harbor very harmful contaminates!

In fact, it is estimated that consumers only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product that contains what is stated on the label or one that does not harbor contaminates!

Black Cohosh Side Effects

It is said that a very small percentage may experience a mild upset stomach for one to two weeks after incorporating black cohosh in their daily regimen. To reduce the chance of this side effect, it is recommended that black cohosh be taken with meals. As with most supplements, the full benefits may not be noticed until it has been used for six months.

In addition, other possible black cohosh side effects may include headaches and dizziness.

Actually, there is a low toxicity and excellent tolerability on this herb.

Bottom line - Black cohosh side effects are not much different than any other herbal supplements that are considered safe.

However, very high dosages may cause vomiting, headache, dizziness, low blood pressure, and limb pains. We recommend that you always follow the recommended daily dosage on the product label. This will reduce your chances of experiencing any unwanted black cohosh side effects.

Black Cohosh Precautions

Black cohosh supplements should not be consumed by females that have not reached puberty. In addition, this herb should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing, or by anyone who suffers from estrogen-sensitive cancer.

Black cohosh may interfere with certain types of hormonal medications, such as birth control pills so you should always consult a physician before supplementation.

It is also recommended that anyone on prescription medications or suffer from a health condition, especially heart disease consult a physician before taking any black cohosh supplements.

It's important to note that because black cohosh may have a mild sedative effect it should not be taken with tranquilizers. This herb may also interfere with blood pressure medications as well.

Lastly, it is important to not confuse black cohosh with blue cohosh which may be toxic.

Tips on Choosing a Black Cohosh Supplement

1. Choose a supplement that uses only standardized black cohosh root extract. Standardized extracts mean that you are getting the purest extracts available, offering the highest quality active ingredients and, moreover, where all of the therapeutic value comes from.

2. Purchase your product only from only pharmaceutical standard GMP registered facilities. These facilities adhere to the strictest regulatory standards for the manufacture of dietary supplements. As we mentioned earlier, dietary supplements are unregulated in the U.S. and many products have been shown to harbor contaminants or do not even contain what is stated on the label.

3. Be sure that your black cohosh supplement does not contain any fillers or additives (examples include: sugar, starch, gluten, silica (sand!)) or any artificial colors or flavors.

Featured Alternative Black Cohosh Product

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Xtend-Life products meet all the aforementioned requirements for high-quality supplements.

We hope this web page discussing Black Cohosh side effects was useful to you!

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