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Prevention of this nasty weed is the best home remedy for poison ivy, and please don't consider eating this plant in the hopes that it will desensitize you.

Although there are people who insist they can do this, others have ended up in the emergency room unable to breathe because their throats had swollen shut.

And, as long as we're on the topic of cautions, anyone that develops a bad case of poison ivy will need to see a physician. This is not a home remedy for poison ivy or a do-it-yourself project.

Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac are three plants that produce similar symptoms, and, as such, the trio is often referred to as simply poison ivy.

Poison ivy harbors a substance known as urushiol, which is present in the oily sap in the leaves, flowers, fruit, stem, bark, and roots. Urushiol is said to be one of the most potent toxins on the planet earth. In fact, less than one ounce of this nasty substance would be enough to affect every living person.

Generally, the first symptom of poison ivy is a burning and itching sensation. However, this is then followed by the development of a red, bumpy, intensely itchy rash at the site of exposure, and it is often accompanied by swelling, oozing, and crusting blisters.

A mild case of poison ivy may involve only a few blisters. On the other hand, a severe case may cause many large blisters, acute inflammation, fever, and/or inflammation affecting the genitals or face. Moreover, scratching spreads this condition causing inflammation to other parts of the body. Symptoms can appear anywhere from a few hours to seven days after you two meet and make contact. In addition, symptoms tend to be at their worst between the fourth and seventh days. Remember, severe cases are not a home remedy for poison ivy or a do-it-yourself project.

So, how long does it last?

In general, the healing starts two days after the appearance of the rash, itching, and redness. Most people are completely healed between seven to fourteen days.

Now, should you and poison ivy meet by accident, there are a few poison ivy remedies that may help. However, these remedies are also for poison oak and poison sumac.

Home remedy for Poison Ivy

Home remedy for poison oak – Home remedy for poison sumac

These poison ivy remedies are from The Family Guide To Symptoms, Ailments, and their Natural Remedies, written by Carlson Wade - Revised by Theresa Foy DiGeronimo – Foreword by Kenneth Giuffre, M.D.:

Quick-Suds Remedy – Make sure your skin and clothes are free of all sap. Thorough sudsing of your skin or the use of 70 percent alcohol and rewashing of any clothing suspected of harboring urushiol should prevent spreading of the lesions.

How to Relieve Inflammation- Wet cold compresses of water or boric acid will help relieve inflammation while the lesions are oozing.

Keep the Area Clean- Wash all exposed areas with water and soap or detergent. Be sure to clean thoroughly under your fingernails. The sap takes effect very quickly, so the washing must occur promptly.

Take Repeat Showers – Lukewarm showers and cool or tepid compresses several times during the day between the repeat showers are very soothing.

Healing Tub Soak – Put a cup of cornstarch, oatmeal, or bicarbonate soda in a tub of tepid water. Enjoy a 30 minute soak to help heal the symptoms. Repeat several times a day.

Calamine Lotion – Calamine promotes cooling and distracts your skin from the itching sensation. It also helps dry up blisters. Calamine lotion also leaves a powdery cover that absorbs the oozing, prompts crust, and keeps it from sticking to clothes. Apply this well renowned product several times a day.

Water….but No Soap – Help! You contact the rash and are in an area with water but no soap. Immediately, wash with water thoroughly. Use any available water sources around – even a moving stream. Water inactivates urushiol and is about as soothing as if soap were included.

Rubbing Alcohol – Wash your skin gently with lots and lots of rubbing alcohol to help remove the irritating urushiol oil. Do NOT use a washcloth because it picks up this potent toxin and spreads it around. Wash your hands after the alcohol rub.

Home Remedy for Poison Ivy Herbs

Home remedy for poison oak herbs – Home remedy for poison sumac herbs

These poison ivy remedies are from the very well-renowned tome Prescription for Nutritional Healing (Third Edition) by Phyllis Balch, CNC:

Aloe vera gel helps relieve burning and itching. Apply pure aloe vera gel as directed on the product label or as needed.

A strong tea made of equal parts lime water and white oak bark is very good for the poison family; ivy, oak, and sumac. Apply compress wet with this solution. Replace the compress with a fresh one as often as it becomes dry.

Marshmallow root both soothes and heals skin.

Tea tree oil disinfects and heals skin conditions.

Witch hazel helps stop itching and aids in healing.

The following herbs can be used topically as home remedies for poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac:

  • Black walnut harbors antiseptic properties and helps fight infection.
  • Bloodroot reduces swelling
  • Echinacea promotes healing of skin wounds. It can also be used internally to boost the immune system.
  • Goldenseal is good for skin inflammation.
  • Myrrh is a powerhouse antiseptic.

    While these herbs may be very helpful, there are precautions to consider on any home remedy for poison ivy. Do not use bloodroot during pregnancy and use goldenseal with caution if you are allergic to ragweed.

    Poison Ivy Remedy

    Home remedy for poison oak – Home remedy for poison sumac

    This home remedy for poison ivy is from Earl Mindell’s New Vitamin Bible, Earl Mindell, R.P.h., Ph.D., with Hester Mundis:

    MSM lotion, vitamin E oil, or aloe vera gel applied externally 3 times a day can help healing; 1,000 mg. vitamin C tablet taken A.M. and P.M. should alleviate itching.

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