How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores?

Cold Sores

Before we delve into the topic of this page – how to get rid of cold sores, it's important that we briefly discuss what it is and what causes it.

Cold sores - also know as fever blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). It's related to but different from the virus that is associated with genital herpes.

Once exposed to the virus, it may take three to ten days before its first appearance and may last up to three weeks.

Unfortunately, this virus remains permanently in the body and moves into nervous system close to the lips. It will lie dormant there until something aggravates it.

The most common triggers of a new outbreak are:

*Fever * Common Cold * Stress * Fatigue * Exposure to Sun and Wind *Menstruation * Exposure to very Hot and Cold Temperatures * Depression of the Immune System

These cold sores not only look unsightly, but feel unpleasant and can be painful, which is why people who get them want to know how to get rid of cold sores fast.

However, there are six stages of the development of the average cold sore. They are:

  • Stage 1 - A feeling of prickling or itchiness around the affected area, no sore visible
  • Stage 2 - The area may be slightly red and swelling may start
  • Stage 3 - First signs of a blister or blisters
  • Stage 4 – This is not a pleasant stage because it's the most painful, and it generally comes on the fourth day. A soft crust or ulcer forms
  • Stage 5 – Hard crust forms on the ulcer, usually lasting for four days
  • Stage 6 –Coming around the tenth day – the hard scab leaves, but the sore is red and slightly swollen

    In general, an outbreak of cold sores will last seven to ten days, but it could last longer if its severe.

    Now, before we move on to how to get rid of cold sores, it's important to know that they are highly contagious.

    For those of you interested in knowing whether or not kissing spreads it- the answer is yes.

    How to get rid of cold sores?

    If you start treatment as soon as possible you may be able to prevent an outbreak, which is why we provided you with the necessary information in regards to its different stages.

    First, carefully assess your current life situation and try to determine the cause or causes of your cold sores, you may be able to identify the culprits and begin to reduce them such as stress.

    According to the well-renowned and respected natural health reference Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Third Edition, by Phyllis Balch, CNC the following nutrients may help.

    However, before taking any type of dietary supplements consult with your physician.


    Because mixing and matching supplements on your own can be very dangerous to your health.

    Essential Nutrients

  • Herpanacine from Diamond-Herpanacine Associates – Proven effective in treating and stopping the outbreak of herpes.
  • L-Lysine fights the virus that causes cold sores.
  • L-Lysine Cream- Apply topically as directed on label.
  • Vitamin B Complex is important for healing and immune function. Use a high-stress formula.
  • Zinc Lozenges stimulates the immune system to fight the virus. Zinc is absorbed quickly in lozenge form.

    Very important Nutrients

  • Acidophilus inhibits pathogenic organisms.
  • Colloidal Silver is an antiseptic and antibiotic that destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and promotes healing.
  • Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic and immunity enhancer.
  • Vitamin C fights the virus and boosts immune function. Use a buffered form.

    Important Nutrients

  • Calcium and Magnesium works to help relieve stress.
  • Essential Fatty Acids aids skin in healing.

    How to Get Rid of Cold Sores?

    Herbs that may Be Helpful

    Also, from the well-renowned tome Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Third Edition, by Phyllis Balch, CNC:

    For cold sores, use Echinacea, Goldenseal, Pau d’Arco and Red Clover. Echinacea stimulates the immune system and may also aid in preventing an outbreak.

    Caution: Do not take goldenseal on a daily basis for more than one week at a time, and do not use it during pregnancy. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma, use it only under a doctor's supervision.

    Lemon Balm appears to minimize herpes outbreaks. It can be applied topically in cream form.

    Olive Leaf Extract is a good natural antibiotic for viral infections.

    How to Get Rid of Cold Sores?

    Are there any Kitchen Cabinet Remedies?

    These traditional remedies have all reported to help cold sores heal according to the Reader’s Digest, "Curing Every Ailment the Natural Way."

    At the sign of the first initial symptoms, apply a wet tea bag, or using a cotton ball apply cooled black coffee or an alcoholic spirit (such as gin, vodka, or whisky).

    An ice cube applied to the infected area may be effective in the healing process.

    Some people have found that covering a cold sore with a greasy substance speeds the healing process. Here are a few suggestions- vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly, or zinc cream.

    Lastly, here's an unproven folk remedy for cold sores – eat large amounts of potatoes every day. Believe it or not, recent research shows that potatoes do harbor powerful antiviral properties.

    It's important to note that what may work for one may not work for another because we are all different. However, we hope some of these suggestions work for you.

    Interested in a natural product to help strengthen your immune system to optimal levels, visit Immu-Stay.

    We hope this webpage discussing how to get rid of cold sores was useful to you.

    To Your Health!

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