How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

Kidney Stones

How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones ...

An estimated 10 percent of Americans develop this condition at some point in their lives and, as such, sufferers look for ways on how to get rid of kidney stones.

What is it?

Kidney stones are accumulations of mineral salts that can lodge themselves anywhere along the urinary tract and can be downright painful.

Symptoms include intense, sharp, radiating pain from the upper back to lower abdomen, possibly radiating to the groin, pus and blood in urine, profuse sweating, frequent urge to urinate, cloudy or foul-smelling urine, and burning during urination. Nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills may also occur for kidney stone sufferers.

Most kidney stones are calcium-containing stones composed of calcium oxalate, or calcium oxalate mixed with calcium phosphate. However, kidney stones can be composed of calcium phosphate alone, but very rarely. In addition, there are other types of kidney stones such as uric acid stones and others. So, it's important to know what kind of kidney stones you have to be able to make informed decisions.

Kidney stones affect men much more than women, and stones vary greatly in size - as tiny as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. In addition, some could be smooth while others are jagged.

How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones?

If you ever experienced severe kidney stones you probably can relate to what all medical experts say is one of the most painful of health aliments. As such, we provided you with recommendations by leading experts on how to get rid of kidney stones.

  • Drink large amounts of clean, pure water daily- at least 3 quarts to flush out stones.

  • To relieve pain, drink lemon juice using half of a fresh lemon in 8 ounces of water every half hour until pain subsides. You can also alternate between lemon and apple juice if you prefer.

  • Walking or running up and down stairs vigorously may be beneficial as the movement may speed up passage of the stone, especially the small stubborn stones.

  • Reduce your intake of animal protein, and avoid refined sugar, alcohol, salt, and soft drinks.

  • If you suffer from calcium oxalate stones, consume fewer foods that contain oxalates, such as beets, celery, cucumber, grapefruit, parsley, rhubarb, spinach, strawberries, sweet potatoes, nuts, chocolate, tea, and cola. In addition, consult your physician and/or dietitian about the right balance of calcium you should eat.

    In fact, some experts state that the following vitamins and minerals can help prevent calcium stones.

    Calcium, surprisingly is one of the most important supplements according to Dr. Steinsnyder. Consequently, by binding to the oxalate in your body, calcium can help prevent stones from forming.

    Magnesium and vitamin D are two nutrients that aids in the absorption of calcium and, as such, are very important. Magnesium is certainly one that helps in your quest on how to get rid of kidney stones because by itself it can help block stone formation.

    Vitamin B6 is also recommended as part of the anti-stone supplement program for calcium stones because it helps reduce the production and excretion of oxalates.

    While supplements may offer a real benefit, please consult with your physician before taking any type of dietary supplements.


    Because mixing and matching supplements on your own are very dangerous to your health.

  • If you suffer from uric acid stones, consume fewer foods that contain purine such as anchovies, sardines, yeast, organ meats (eg, liver, kidneys), legumes (eg, dried beans, peas, and soybeans), mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower. In addition, consume more grapefruit, orange, and tomato juice, roughly two to three glasses a day to keep the right pH balance.

    Keep in mind, however, that you're best bet on dietary recommendations is to consult a dietitian.

    How to Get Rid of Kidney Stones – Herbal Remedies for Kidney Stones

    Try one of the following:

  • Drink two-three cups daily of either corn silk, buchu, or couch grass tea.

  • Drink 1 quart of marshmallow root tea daily. It helps to cleanse the kidneys and to expel kidney stones.

  • A combination of wild yam and lobelia tincture helps to relax the ureters, relieve pain, and speeds up the passing of stones. Add 3 to 4 drops of lobelia tincture to 15 drops of wild yam tincture in a glass of warm water and sip mixture throughout the day.

    It’s important that you seek medical assistance if you have blood in your urine or if you're having a kidney stone attack.

    Lastly, smoking encourages stones, so if you smoke you may want to consider quitting.

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    To Your Health!

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