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Many parents and adult ADD sufferers spend countless hours searching for either a natural supplement for ADD or an herbal supplement for ADD in order to make informed decisions on either their child's health or on their own health.

Indeed, if you or your child suffers from ADD you won't hear much about drug-free approaches. It's unfortunate because most prescription drugs used in conventional treatments for ADD carry far-reaching negative side effects and risks.

Therefore, we here at Nutritional-Supplement-Educational-Centre have researched the market for a natural supplement for ADD and/or an herbal supplement for ADD and discovered a very promising product from Native Remedies, a highly respected supplier of top quality all natural products and supplements.

Their ADD products are called BrightSpark (Children and Adults) and Focus ADDult (Teens and Adults) Both products are formulated by their expert team of herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths, and headed by Michele Carelse. Michele Carelse has had years of experience in the manufacturing and use of natural remedies and, in addition, she is a trained Clinical Psychologist. Indeed, a well-rounded group of professional experts. All of Native Remedies products are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards to ensure potency and purity.

Now, let's take a closer look at their ADD natural supplement called BrightSpark.

Child and Adult Natural Supplement for ADD & ADHD

According to Native Remedies website:

BrightSpark natural supplement contains the following 100% homeopathic ingredients:

  • Hyoscyamus 30C HPUS: talkative, mania, delirium, involuntary muscular movements, shivering, tics; suited to nervous, irritable individuals.

  • Arsen iod 30C HPUS:marked physical anxiety, anger and irritability, aversion to answering questions.

  • Verat alb 30C HPUS: sullen indifference, aversion to talk, melancholy, general weakness, collapse, exhaustion, loss of energy.

  • Argent nit 6C HPUS:loss of control and balance, trembling, long continued mental exhaustion, weak memory aggravated by intellectual work, cerebral tiredness.

    BrightSpark is a homeopathic remedy that temporarily improves concentration and relieves symptoms of attention problems in children and adults.

  • Leading natural solution to reduce hyperactivity, and erratic impulsive behavior in children
  • Improves concentration (both focus and duration) in the classroom and at work
  • Reduces distractibility, inattention, attention deficit and poor decision making
  • Helps children who have a difficult time adapting to even minor changes in routine
  • Relieves occasional involuntary twitching, spasms or noises Always a stimulant-free and non-habit forming solution

    If you want to learn more about Native Remedies ADD natural supplement called BrightSpark, please click on the link below:

    Get More Information on BrightSpark

    Now, let's take a closer look at their ADD natural supplement called ADDult (Teens and Adults).

    Adult/Teens Natural Supplement for ADD

    According to Native Remedies website:

    Focus ADDult is a 100% herbal formula which contains the following carefully selected herbs in therapeutic dosage:

  • Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) is traditionally used to support a healthy brain and nervous system. Centella asiatica is recommended to facilitate mental clarity, attention span, concentration, healthy brain function, and a balanced mood. Centella asiatica is also a favorite food of elephants and, as we all know, elephants never forget!
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is well-known in modern herbalism as helps to promote energy.
  • Red ginseng (Also known as Panax ginseng and Korean ginseng) is one of the most prized and expensive Chinese herbs.
  • White ginseng is from the same plant as red ginseng but is dried.

    Focus ADDult Benefits:

  • Premium herbal remedy for improved mental clarity during work and learning
  • Supports natural brain functions, including concentration, memory & attention span
  • Helps support healthy energy levels and vitality
  • Supports a healthy immune system in a healthy body
  • Supports the health of the nervous system

    If you want to learn more about Native Remedies ADD natural supplement called ADDult (Teens and Adults) please click on the link below now:

    Get More Information on Focus ADDult for Adults and Teens.

    It's extremely important that you never stop taking your ADD prescription medications unless you have your physician's approval. In addition, you should also speak to a qualified health care provider before starting the use of any natural supplement for ADD.

    We hope this webpage discussing natural supplement for ADD was useful to you.

    To Your Health!

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