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Premenstrual Syndrome, also known as PMS is characterized by many troublesome symptoms seven to fourteen days before menstruation that many women look for vitamins for PMS to provide them with relief.

The symptoms are so numerous and various that diagnosing and treating this condition is often a difficult task.

Some of the more common symptoms include:

*abdominal bloating *acne *anxiety *backache *breast swelling and tenderness *cramps *depression *food cravings *fainting spells *fatigue *headaches *insomnia *joint pain *nervousness * skin eruptions *water retention *personality changes such as drastic mood swings, outbursts of anger, violence, and sometimes even thoughts of suicide

Some women experience only a few symptoms, while others have been plagued with many and, as such, have turned to various different treatments including vitamins for PMS.

In addition, approximately 5 to 10 percent of women have such severe PMS symptoms that it is incapacitating. However, it has also been noted that 30 to 40 percent of women report that their symptoms are severe enough to interfere with their day-to-day lives.

Before we discuss vitamins for PMS, let's define the causes of this condition.

Consequently, it is still not crystal clear what causes all of these disturbing symptoms. However, there are many theories as to the causes PMS. Unfortunately, none are universally agreed upon.

It is believed that the reasons and/or contributing factors for PMS symptoms may be:

*hormonal imbalances of estrogen and progesterone *sensitivity to fluctuating hormones *diet *unstable blood sugar *food allergies *changes in carbohydrate metabolism *hypoglycemia *malabsorption *erratic levels of beta-endorphin *vitamin and mineral deficiencies, especially calcium *inability to metabolize fats

Vitamins for PMS

*The B complex vitamins (The B vitamins work best when taken together).

  • Vitamin B5, also known as "the anti-stress vitamin," reduces stress.
  • Vitamin B6 reduces water retention, sugar cravings, irritability, and increases oxygen flow to female organs. In addition, vitamin B6 aids in restoring estrogen levels back to normal.
  • Vitamin B12 has also been used in connection with PMS as it reduces stress, prevents anemia, and is needed by all bodily functions.

    *Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is good for breast tenderness and also helps relieve nervous tension, irritability, and depression. (Use d-alpha-tocopherol form)

    *Vitamin A

    A deficiency in vitamin A has been linked to PMS.

    *Vitamin C

    Vitamin C aids in the relief of discomfort of breast swelling and boosts the immune system.

    Going beyond vitamins for PMS ...



    Calcium is prized for its ability to help prevent mood swings, cramps, and water retention.


    Magnesium may be needed due to a deficiency associated with PMS. However, it should be taken with calcium. Vitamin D is also needed for calcium uptake.

    Going beyond minerals and vitamins for PMS ……


    Black Cohosh is well-renowned as a natural remedy for menopausal complaints, PMS, and menstrual disorders. Black cohosh harbors compounds that mimic the effects of estrogen and, as such, helps to fight PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps and hot flashes.

    Chaste berry, also known as vitex is another popular herb used to help relieve many of the symptoms of PMS. Chaste berry harbors hormone-balancing effects, making it useful for a wide variety of menstrual disorders.

    Wild Yam is often used in connection with PMS. According to the very well-renowned tome titled Prescription for Herbal Healing written by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC:

    Wild Yam helps stop premenstrual cramps.

    Dong quai harbors hormone-balancing effects and is commonly used in connection with menstrual problems, including absent or irregular periods, cramps, and premenstrual syndrome.

    Going beyond herbs, minerals, and vitamins for PMS……

    Amino Acids

    L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that may be helpful for reducing anxiety, depression, and headaches.

    Diet and Exercise

    Some experts recommend the following diet to help alleviate PMS symptoms:

  • Eat a diet that focuses on whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and broiled chicken, turkey, and fish.
  • Eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates and decrease dairy products. In addition, include foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and fiber.
  • Stay clear of salt, red meats, processed foods, or junk or fast foods. At the very least, avoid these foods for at least one week before expected onset of PMS symptoms.
  • Avoid or limit alcohol and caffeine.
  • Exercise such as aerobics or brisk walking is said to help decrease PMS symptoms.

    Our Opinion on Vitamins for PMS

    It's important to note that there may not be one clear-cut answer to fit everyone in relieving PMS symptoms. However, our research indicates that proper diet is extremely important in treating PMS.

    Today, there are clinics that specialize in PMS treatments but be careful on those that promote one type of treatment or a quick-fix approach. Experience and expertise to this complicated disorder can vary greatly among these establishments so you're better off asking for a referral from your healthcare provider.

    Now, let's get back to vitamins for PMS.

    Factors to consider before taking supplements for PMS.

    1. It could be very dangerous to your health to mix and match supplements and nutrients on your own.

    2. In general, all nutrients work in harmony and synergistically with one another to achieve the highest health benefits. As such, a formulated women's product using carefully selected ingredients can enhance their therapeutic benefits, often much better than taking a single herb or nutrient on its own.

    3. Ratios of nutrients have to be balanced perfectly in order for it to be optimally effective.

    4. Taking each nutrient separately could get extremely "pricey."

    Tips on Selecting PMS Supplements

    1. Select your supplements from only from pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities. Dietary supplements are not highly regulated by FDA in the U.S. and, needless to say, many supplements harbor contaminants or do not actually contain the ingredients as proclaimed on the label.

    Pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities adhere to the strictest regulatory standards for the manufacture of dietary supplements.

    2. Select a product created by a highly credentialed formulator such as a scientist who is qualified to create a supplement with ingredients that work in balance and synergistically to offer the maximum results. A poorly "thrown together" supplement can sometimes do more harm than good.

    3. Select herbal supplements that contain only standardized extracts. Many manufactures do not use standardized extracts because it's much cheaper to use low-quality ingredients.

    4. Select supplements that come with a Certificate of Analysis on file thus confirming the potency of ingredients. Does the company have other crosschecks to ensure potency?

    5. Select a product that does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, yeast, sucrose, dextrose or gluten.


    One product we recommend is Total Balance for Women from Xtend-Life Natural Products.

    It contains vitamins, minerals, L-Tyrosine and other amino acids, Chaste berry, Dong quai, and Wild Yam, in addition to dozens of other powerful nutrients known to promote overall health.

    Total Balance for Women is formulated by a highly credentialed scientific team that can blend these ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, specialty nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, herbal extracts, and others) perfectly to ensure maximum benefits, but as importantly that they do not interact adversely.

    In addition, Xtend Life meets all the above requirements for high quality supplements.

    Another great product formulated to help PMS symptoms is Xtend- Life's Female Rejuvenator.

    Always speak to a physician before taking any dietary supplements.

    We hope this webpage discussing vitamins for PMS was useful to you.

    To Your Health!

    The Editors

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