What is Rutin?

Health Benefits of Rutin

What is Rutin?

Rutin is a proud member of the flavonoid family. Flavonoids (or "bioflavonoids" as supplement manufacturers often label them) are a group of naturally occurring compounds that give fruits, flowers, herbs, legumes, grains, nuts, and vegetables much of their color.

There are thousands of different flavonoids, and flavonoids like rutin provide many powerful health-promoting benefits. More specifically, flavonoids can act as potent antioxidants and effective antivirals, anti-inflammatories, and antihistamines. Rutin is found in fruits and fruit rinds, especially citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes. Rutin is also found in buckwheat seeds.

Specifically, rutin is a flavonoid (bioflavonoid) that is said to be closely related to other flavonoids, namely, quercetin and hesperidin. In fact, quercetin which is primarily found in apples, onions, and black tea, is a type of flavonoid that serves as the backbone for many other members of the flavonoid family, including the flavonoids rutin, quercitrin, and hesperidin.

So now that you have the knowledge of what is rutin, exactly what can it do for you?

Rutin is believed to harbor antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are compounds that help protect the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals. The body needs antioxidants because with every breath you take (among others) you generate free radicals, which are highly reactive substances that can attack and damage cells. As such, many experts believe that free radicals are major factors leading to more than sixty different health problems including aging, cancer, and atherosclerosis if left unchecked.

Rutin helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body and increase elasticity of the arterial walls, which, in turn, promotes greater blood flow. Rutin also helps the body utilize vitamin C, which should be taken simultaneously so they may act synergistically for maximum benefit. In addition, rutin is very important for maintaining healthy collagen, which is what keeps our skin healthy and firm.

One of the major benefits of rutin is that it helps to increase capillary strength and to regulate their permeability, making it useful for capillary fragility disorders such as easy bruising. It's important to note that sometimes the use of vitamin C with flavonoids, particularly rutin, quercetin, and hesperidin is recommended for capillary fragility.

Rutin may also have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties. This is important because inflammation will wreak havoc in your body if it is not controlled.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of rutin, it may be beneficial for: chronic venous insufficiency, hypertension, infections, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, hemorrhoids, stroke prevention and high cholesterol.

What is Rutin: Precautions

Pregnant and/or nursing women or those using prescription medications should always consult with their physician first before using or starting any supplement.

Also, those with a known medical condition should refrain from using supplements of any kind until consulting with their physician.

What is Rutin: Tips on Choosing a Rutin Supplement

Select a supplement from a manufacturer that follows pharmaceutical GMP compliance, which is the highest standard possible. Put simply, pharmaceutical GMP compliance facilities adhere to the strictest regulatory standards for the manufacture of dietary supplements.

This is CRUCIAL because dietary supplements in the U.S. are unregulated. As such, purity and quality has been reported to be an issue.

In fact, consumers only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product that actually contains the amount of ingredients stated on the label or one that is not contaminated.

A Comprehensive Product

Beyond what is rutin ...

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Total Balance is formulated by a highly credentialed scientific team that can blend these ingredients perfectly to ensure maximum benefits, but as importantly that do not interact adversely.

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We hope this webpage discussing what is rutin was useful to you.

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