Mens and Womens Health Concerns and Conditions

Welcome to our Womens Health Concerns and Mens Health Concerns webpage!

Nowadays, many women and men seek information on herbs and nutritional supplements in attempts to treat their own specific health condition.

Indeed, natural remedies have been used for centuries to treat many different ailments. However, it is important for you to understand that herbs and nutritional supplements are not pharmaceutical medications and we make no claims that any herb or supplement that we are about to share with you can treat or cure any mens or womens health concerns or health conditions.

Therefore, please use this information as an educational component and understand that is not intended to substitute for a doctor's care or a doctor's prescribed therapy. Moreover, self-diagnosis and self-treatment should be avoided. Instead, the information here should be used as a basis of discussion with your health care provider.

On the other hand, there are certain herbs and supplements that have been extensively studied presenting strong evidence in clinical trails or proven to help with certain conditions. As such, we will attempt to focus on remedies that have the most solid scientific efficacy as much as possible or those that Naturopath physicians and other like minded professionals found to be helpful on specific mens or womens health concerns or conditions.

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The following are mens and womens health concerns that we get inquires on and if appropriate supplements that may be of help.

Mens Health and Womens Health Concerns and Conditions

Allergy --An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system misinterprets a normally nontoxic substance as harmful matter. Are there any natural alternatives that can help? Learn about them here.

Anti-aging Supplements--Learn about the best ones.

Anxiety --Learn all about anxiety disorders and powerful nutrients that can help.

Anxiety and Depression Herbs and Nutrients --Learn all about anxiety and depression herbs and other powerhouse nutrients.

Arthritis--Are there any vitamins and nutrients that can help alleviate pain? Learn about them here.

Autism --The third most common developmental disability –more common than Down Syndrome. Learn all about autism here.

Bladder Cancer--More common than you think! Learn all about bladder cancer symptoms, prevention, and important bladder cancer nutrients.

Bladder Infections--One of life’s miseries ….learn all about cranberry juice and bladder infections here.

Bladder Infections--Combat this condition through the use of natural remedies. Learn all about bladder infection herbs here.

More info on mens and womens health concerns .....

Candida--Learn all about this condition, including herbal remedies that can help beat this condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome--A painful disorder caused by compression of the median nerve. Learn all about this condition, including a natural remedy carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cholesterol --Discover foods and supplements that may help lower cholesterol.

Cholesterol--Learn all about foods high in cholesterol that should be avoided.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome--Learn all about chronic fatigue and supplements that may help.

  • What are the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome? Find out here.

    Cold Sores --How to get rid of cold sores? Discover remedies here.

    Common Cold -- Learn all about common cold symptoms, the cause of common colds, and supplements that boost the immune system.

    Common Cold --Discover common cold home remedies, including nutrients that boost the immune system..

    Constipation --Mens and womens health concerns about constipation. Constipation is an increasingly common complaint that causes absolute misery if you’re plagued with it. Nobody likes being constipated. Learn all about the following constipation topics here.

  • Constipation natural relief

  • Foods that cause constipation

  • Constipation in young children

  • Constipation infant remedies

  • Constipation natural cures

  • Baby constipation home remedies

  • Constipation in the elderly

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    Crohn’s Disease-- It is a condition of the gastrointestinal tract caused by inflammation. It is one of several conditions that fall under the category of inflammatory bowel diseases.

    Crohn’s Disease--Nutritional deficiencies is often a result of this disorder which is one reason why many people who suffer from this condition look for information on Crohn’s disease and nutrition. Learn all about foods to consume, foods to avoid, and supplements that may help.

    Depression--Sweeping the nation affecting millions of people’s lives. Learn all about the following depression topics here.

  • Depression natural remedies.

  • Depression “hurts”….discover self help recommendations.

  • Discover depression herbs.

  • Is there a depression natural cure? Find out here.

  • Learn the symptoms of clinical depression, including HELP websites and phone numbers.

  • Learn all about the symptoms of manic depression disorder – medically known as bipolar disorder.

    More info on mens and womens health concerns .....

    Diabetes--What is juvenile diabetes? Learn all about Juvenile diabetes and supplements that may help this condition.

    Diabetes--Lately, more and more women search for information in regards to the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Learn all about gestational diabetes here.

    Diabetes--There is an estimated 14.6 million people who suffer from diabetes and, as such, look for supplements to help with diabetes control and diabetes health. Learn all about diabetes natural supplements here.

    Dry Skin--Do you suffer from dry skin? Discover supplements that may be helpful for dry skin.

    Fatigue -- Learn all about fatigue, including herbs, nutrients, and vitamins to boost energy levels.

    Fertility --Learn all about infertility, including herbs and vitamins good for fertility.

    More info on mens and womens health concerns .....

    Fibromyalgia --Fibromyalgia is a rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic muscular achy pain and stiffness. The pain has been described as shooting, stabbing, throbbing, and intense burning. Learn all about fibromyalgia and alternative medicine for fibromyalgia.

    Fibromyalgia --Learn all about the signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of fibromyalia.

    Fibromyalgia --For fibromyalgia sufferers incorporating lifestyle & dietary changes to achieve optimum health and well being may be the answer for you. Learn all about fibromyalgia and nutrition, including dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

    Gum Disease--Gum disease - also known as periodontal disease affects 75 percent of Americans over the age of thirty-five. Learn all about gum disease and natural supplements that may help this condition.

    Hair -- Learn all about hair loss, hair health, and supplements.

    Hair -- Learn all about vitamin B and hair health and growth.

    Hangover-- Learn all about hangovers, including causes, prevention, and remedies.

    Hangover-- Learn all about home remedies that may combat a hangover.

    Heart Health-- If an apple a day keeps the doctor away than what would it take to keep the heart surgeon away? Find out here.

    Hemorrhoids -- Learn all about hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids natural remedies.

    High Blood Pressure -- Indeed, this condition has become another BIG mens and womens health concerns. Learn all about high blood pressure, managing high blood pressure, and supplements that may help here.

    High Blood Pressure --Discover natural high blood pressure remedies here.

    More info on mens and womens health concerns .....

    Immune System --Immune system health has become one of the biggest mens and womens health concerns. Nowadays, in our opinion, the body’s immune system can use all nutritional help it can get. Learn what supplements and foods boost the immune system.

    Incontinence -- Indeed, those who suffer from this annoying condition want to be informed of their choices of bladder incontinence treatments. Learn all about incontinence and bladder incontinence treatments.

    Kidney Stones-- Kidney stones….what is it? What causes it? How to get rid of kidney stones? Learn that here.

    Macular Degeneration -- Macular degeneration is an eye disorder that is characterized as a progressive visual loss due to the degeneration of the macula, which is the central portion of the retina.

    Macular Degeneration -- Learn all about macular degeneration vitamins and supplements that may help this condition.

    Memory Loss -- Learn all about memory loss and memory loss supplements.

    Menopause Information Center-- Various womens health concerns in regards to menopause, including alternative herbs and nutrients that may help alleviate the very disturbing symptoms of menopause.

    Migraines-- Migraine headaches are one of life’s miseries for those who are vulnerable. It is marked by severe throbbing headaches that may be accompanied by nausea, visual disturbances, and other disturbing migraine headache symptoms. Learn all about migraines and how to get rid of migraine headaches.

    Mosquito Bites-- Home remedies for mosquito bites.

    Nail Fungus--Nail fungus is a common and cosmetically embarrassing condition. Learn all about nail fungus, including nail fungus home remedy cures.

    Nail and Hair Health--What a person looks like on the outside does depend a lot on what they do for themselves on the inside. Learn all about nail and hair health, including vitamins for hair and nail growth.

    Osteoarthritis--Learn all about osteoarthritis and some very promising alternative natural nutrients that may help ease the pain and flame.

    Osteoporosis --Learn all about osteoporosis, including signs, symptoms, diagnosing, treatments, and more. A condition affecting 28 million Americans.

    Osteoporosis --Are there any natural treatments? Find out what you can do to ease the pain and flame here.

    Periodontal Disease -- Periodontal disease – sometimes referred to as gum disease affects 75 percent of Americans over the age of thirty-five. Learn all about periodontal disease (gum disease) and holistic home care for gum disease approaches that one can take to help with this condition.

    PMS -- Premenstrual Syndrome is characterized by many troublesome, yet often ill-defined symptoms that many women look for vitamins for PMS to provide them with relief. Learn all about PMS and supplements that can help this condition.

    Poison Ivy -- Poison Ivy - what is it? Prevention of this nasty weed is the best home remedy for poison ivy. However, should you and poison ivy meet by accident there are a few poison ivy remedies that may help.

    Prostate --Prostate enlargement affects half of the male population by the age of fifty. Many herbs have powerful substances that can improve the body's ability to fight off benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). Learn all about prostate herbs here.

    Psoriasis-- Psoriasis is a skin condition disorder associated with red, itchy, and scaling.

    Psoriasis-- Discover home remedies for psoriasis.

    Skin and Hair Health --Staying beautiful or handsome depends a lot on what you do for yourself on the inside. Learn all about skin and nail health, hair and skin vitamins, and other hair and skin nutrients.

    Sleep Apnea--Sleep apnea is a serious disorder in which breathing stops or becomes very shallow for brief periods of time over and over again during sleep.

    Smoking--Discover herbs that may help you quit smoking.

    Tiredness -- Tiredness … is yet another one of the biggest mens and womens health concerns. What causes extreme tiredness? Learn all about extreme tiredness and supplements that can help boost energy levels.

    Toenail Fungus-- Toenail fungus ….what is it? What causes it? How do you get rid of it? Is there a toenail home remedy or remedies to help with this condition? Find out here.

    Urinary Tract Infections--Discover urinary tract infection home treatment remedies, including herbs for urinary tract infections.

    Other urinary tract infection topics of interest:

  • Urinary Tract Infection In Men

  • Man Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infections

    Varicose Veins-- Learn all about varicose veins and home remedies for varicose veins.

    We hope this Mens and Womens Health Concerns web page was useful to you!

    To Your Health!

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